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Any Payment Over $2,500 Must Now Be Made Electronically

Per the Virginia Department of Taxation:

Virginia's New Electronic Payment Requirement for Some Individual Income Taxpayers

Following an amendment to legislation approved by the Virginia General Assembly, some taxpayers may now be affected by a new requirement for certain tax payments. 

Effective for taxable years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2021, taxpayers who make estimated tax payments must submit all of their income tax payments electronically if:

  • Any estimated tax payment exceeds $2,500; or
  • Any extension payment exceeds $2,500; or
  • The total estimated income tax due in any taxable year      exceeds $10,000.Taxpayers should refer to the estimated income tax      instructions for details about how to compute the total estimated tax      due.  

This applies to all payments made on or after July 1, 2021, and includes all payments for estimated taxes, extension payments and any other amounts due when a taxpayer files a return. 

Visit the Virginia Tax website for more information on individual income tax payment options.  

Estimated Tax Payment Options

"Use the following options to make estimated tax payments. For more information about filing requirements and how to estimate your taxes, see Individual Estimated Tax Payments

Online, directly from your bank account (free)

Log in to your online services account and choose Estimated tax payment (760ES). Using your account, you can:

  • schedule all 4 quarterly payments in advance,
  • save your banking information,
  • view your account history, and
  • receive confirmation that we've accepted your payment.

Don’t have an account? Enroll now. You'll need a copy of your most recently filed Virginia Tax return to enroll."

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