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Client Recommendations


"Your brand is not what you say about yourself, 

it's what others say about you."


Client Comments:

I have been working with Don Pinkleton for almost 20 years. He has done both my business and personal accounting, and I can tell you from long experience that you will be in good hands if you choose Don. Not only does he have many years of acquired expertise, but he is impeccably honest, diligent, hard working, and, best of all, good natured. Last year, Don helped me convert to Quick Books Online - a long overdue move to digital accounting for my small business. He helped me explore the best fit re available software, gave me the necessary encouragement to tackle the learning curve, and provided personal tutorials to get me up to speed. I am still learning, but with Don’s help, not to mention endless patience, this first full year of digital accounting has gone remarkably well. (I’m an artist and designer, numbers are not my strong suit!) I now feel confident that I can handle my own day to day accounting, and the software has allowed me to grasp the big picture in real and practical ways that have truly helped. Thank you Don!
- Sarah Carter

"Don Pinkleton has handled our tax preparations for a number of years. He has also provided guidance on numerous financial questions. His knowledge, efficiency and thoroughness has given us the peace of mind one desires in such important matters. We would highly recommend Don to anyone seeking the professional services of a CPA."  
- John and Beverley Taylor


"Don has completed my personal and business taxes for several years. His expertise and communication skills around complex issues have been very valuable to me. I appreciate his knowledge and commitment to getting it right and on time."
- Darrell Hornstra


"Being in business 30 years as a catalog and e-commerce consultant, I have had a number of consultants and financial advisors.  Don has done our corporate and personal tax work for 15 years. In recent years, we have called on Don to be an Advisor to our family business and to act as a “sounding board”.  I have found Don’s charges to be commensurate with his value to us.  Having Advisors like Don who is trustworthy and has integrity are key to me and my family."
- Curt Barry
  F. Curtis Barry & Company