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Know the Rules to Avoid Payroll Problems

Payroll presents a host of tax-related issues for any business, and especially for small businesses:

  • Employees vs. Contractors - how do you determine which is which?
  • Owner compensation rules.
  • Taxable vs. non-taxable employee compensation - what is, what isn't?
  • Payroll taxes & filings - withholding, payment methods, filing methods, forms & deadlines.

You may choose to outsource payroll to a service company or handle it in-house. If processing in-house, make sure you use software that's reliable, up to date, and capable of handling your filing requirements.

Getting professional advice on these matters is critical to avoiding problems.

I've included some "starter" information below on general payroll matters, but everyone's situation is different, so I urge you to get professional guidance before you have a problem.

General Payroll Tax Deposit & Filing Rules

New W-2 & 1099 Filing Deadlines

Virginia Mandatory W-2 E-filing Requirement

Do You Owe Payroll Taxes? - Installment Agreement may be available.

When is a Tip Not a Tip?

Reclassifying Workers - IRS Voluntary Program

Please see the "Links" section of this website for more IRS Payroll Tax Publications

As always, please contact me before taking any action based on any information presented here.