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Tax Planning

"Tax Planning is Preventitive Medicine - a Tax Return is an Autopsy." - Wise Old Accountant

April 15th is too late for most tax planning strategies -

tax planning is a year-'round activity.

The words that tax professionals hate to hear are:

"Let me tell you what I did...."

Much better scenario:

"This is what I'm thinking of doing...."

Tax planning is part of the tax preparation process, but it doesn't always end there. Changes in income and deductions can have unintended consequences - Alternative Minimum Tax exposure, phase-out's of credits and deductions, and so on. Constant changes in federal & state tax legislation can bring both opportunity and peril. The time to weigh options is before one is chosen.

My Newsletter and Smorgasbord pages are some of the ways I use to keep clients up-to-date on current tax legislation - please browse those sections at your convenience. But remember that no two clients' individual tax situations are the same, and there is no "one size fits all" approach. That's why I offer personalized service tailored to your individual situation.

Please call for an appointment to discuss your particular concerns,

before you take that step that can't be undone.