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Professional Services

"You don't need an accountant - you need a problem solver."

There are No "One Size Fits All" Solutions!

Estates, trusts, start-ups, divorced or separated spouses, ministers, retirees, self-employed, attorneys, investors, contractors, real estate professionals, family businesses, corporations, S-Corps, partnerships, LLCs - they all have unique tax and financial issues.

And every one of them needs dedicated personal attention.

That's what I provide: personal attention to your individual concerns.

The key to success in anything is to be proactive - it won't get better until you make it happen.

"What is the cost of doing nothing?  

Everything else you didn't get to do!"

So, how can I help you survive and prosper?

Tax Preparation Services
Business Consulting Services
Community Outreach
Tax Preparation Services
Business Consulting Services
Community Outreach
IRS Notices & Correspondence
Never ignore an IRS (or state) Tax Notice! It will not go away, it will only get worse. I can help.
It’s Your Business: Make It Work for You!
When is the last time your accountant said "Here's an idea I think will save you money"?
Yes, I do prepare all kinds of individual returns. And yes, everyone's tax situation is different. And yes, April 15 is too late for tax planning...
Businesses, Estates & Trusts
C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership, Estate, Trust, Business Property Tax, Payroll Tax, Commissioner of Accounts filings, etc. With all the different rules and filings and deadlines to keep track of, who has time to run a business? I can help...
Divorce & Separation Tax Issues
Managing the tax impact of alimony, property settlements, litigation costs, etc.
Tax Planning
Alternative Minimum Tax & Gift Tax planning, "Safe Harbor" withholding & estimates; Pass-through income, loss basis & at-risk limitations, Section 179 expense coordination, changes in income & deductions, "Kiddie Tax" planning, education deductions & credits, a new major tax bill every other month, ("Lions and tigers and bears - oh my!")
Public Speaking, Seminars & Media Interviews
Presentations and Commentary on a wide variety of Personal Finance and Tax topics.